Dampness // Life Without The Canvas [ recommend from myself ]

genre: Alternative Electronic \ Experimental \ Instrumental \ IDM \ Ambient \ Neoclassical
origin: Pskov, Russia
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length: 67' 52"
bitrate: 192 kbit
size: 93 Mb

Dampness (Hristyuk Alyona Sergeevna) - musician, designer, model and poet. Was born on September, 2nd in the small ancient silent town Pskov, perhaps, in the most favorable place for creativity. Dampness is Alternative Electronic, Experimental, Instrumental, IDM, Ambient, Neoclassical project, generated in the beginning of 2006. Her art is created in connection with special perception of the natural phenomena, in particular such as, a rain and a fog, a cold and dampness which is necessary for she as to other people the sun. From here also has appeared her creative pseudonym - Dampness.

Probably, not superfluous will tell, that in the beginning and in a basis of all was, all the same, drawing (canvases, oil paints, brushes), therefore music became natural continuation of a picturesque embodiment of conditions in the richest palette, already, musical canvases. Sitting at home in headphones behind the Macintosh the twenty-four hours straight, inspired, practically completely isolated from dialogue, a dream and walks, she created more and more new material, constantly experimenting with a sound, deforming field records, sating music unexpected use of various tools, for example: notes of a harpsichord as much as possible put to each other in a track "Strange Night 25"; the deformed voice similar to a violin in a track "Strings Of Old Houses"; a sound in a track " November Stones Inverted 19 ", similar to movement and friction of cobble-stones, created in Native Instruments without field-recording. Sounds of a rain, wind, strange voices of the birds, constantly varying melody during each composition, merge of natural and electronic tools. An overall objective always was the desire to oversaturate composition - it is maximal to detail, not having missed any slightest nuance to enable the listener to plunge in atmospherical, magical stylishness and depth in each track.
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1. 4th May. Morning Roofs [4:04]
2. Strange Night 25 [6:02]
3. Without Rain I'm Demising [4:16]
4. I'm Gonna Wait For You Tonight [3:40]
5. Deep Night [5:02]
6. Strings Of Old Houses [4:44]
7. Canvas [7:47]
8. Falling Tree [2:42]
9. Pacifying Solitude [2:18]
10. Shoot Depression [4:10]
11. Hollow Life [4:18]
12. The Thread [5:09]
13. Please, Save My Heart... [2:30]
14. Old Piano Sounds Of Autumn [4:56]
15. Wintry Mix. March [6:20]
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