Té // It Be The Thinking As 'The Song' Of Realistic Sound From The World Which Resounds

genre: Instrumental // Post Rock
origin: Japan
* * *

length: 47' 36"
bitrate: 192kbit
size: 65 Mb


1. Even mightiest soul and mightiest power,it is same as nothing if there is no intellect
2. If there is no word which tells sound, beautiful melody does not keep in mind
3. Also love and faith keep up with a daily small deed
4. Those who do not need tomorrow most see tomorrow most pleasantly
5. Daredevil is child of ignorance & mean and it is inferior to other qualification
6. Those who play using word are not in the talent, it is only there's memory
7. Moderation and justice are the nominal which only a superior can use freely
8. When one's mental lost right goal that shown wrong direction to the frustrations
9. You can not call anyone happy, if you do not had been any trouble
10. Human have ability of destroy oneself by logical mind

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