Eluvium // Life Through Bombardment (7xLP set)

Eluvium - Life Through Bombardment (2009) 7xLP set

genre: ambient / post-rock influence / instrumental / shoegaze
origin: Oregon
* * *

length: 3h 41min
bitrate: VBR
size: 320 Mb

TRACKS (see also in comments):
Disc One: "Lambent Material"
Disc Two: "An Accidental Memory in the Case of Death"
Disc Three: "Talk Amongst the Trees"
Disc Four: "Talk Amongst the Trees"
Disc Five: "When I Live by the Garden and the Sea / Indecipherable Text"
Disc Six: "Copia"
Disc Seven: "Copia"
* * *
Highly anticipated and long-overdue, Life Through Bombardment collects virtually every Eluvium song ever released (plus a bunch of rare and unreleased non-album tracks) into one stunning 7xLP set, all on vinyl for the first and only time
part I
part II
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