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Formed in August of 1997, the Mercury Program was originally a trio consisting of Dave Lebleu on Drums, Sander Travisano on Bass, and Tom Reno on Guitar and Vocals. In July of 1999 we released our self-titled debut full-length on Boxcar Records. Shortly after the record was released we began working with Tiger Style, and Whit Travisano joined the band as a full time 4th member. As a 4 piece we released our second full length: "From the Vapor of Gasoline" in May 2000. We toured extensively from May thru October of 2000. In November of 2000 we went back in the studio with Andy Baker to record a follow up EP: "All the Suits Began to Fall Off" After "Suits" was released in April 2001 we toured for the remainder of the year, and spent much of our time off working on material for the next full length. April 2002 we again went into the studio with Andy Baker to recorded our 3rd full length "A Data Learn the Language". Again released by Tiger Style in September 2002. To support the record we toured the US for 5+ weeks in the Fall of 2002. Since then we've done 2+ weeks on the east coast, a week in Japan, and finished a split EP/DVD with Maserati that was released on October 10th 2003. In the latter half of 2003 we did a 3 week tour of the West Coast and a 2+ week East Coast tour to support the split. Since then things have slowed down quite a bit, as life happens to us all. We shall be poping up here and there when you least expect us.

Origin: Florida, USA
Genre: Post Rock // Instrumental Rock // Jazz // Crunk
Bitrate: 256kbit, VBR
Size: 64 Mb

Track listing:

1. In From The Sea
2. Traveling At Night
3. Over This Land
4. From Athens To Rome
5. Childers
6. This Hits Home
7. Miles Among Miles
8. Southwest


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