Mindless Self Indulgence // Another Mindless Rip Off

Genre: Electronica, Alternative rock, Inustrial Jungle Pussy Punk
Length: 38 min
Bitrate: ~229kbit (VBR)
Size:53 Mb

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Track listing

1. My World
2. Pre-Teen Violence
3. Frying Pan
4. Lush
5. Born To Be Beheaded
6. What Do They Know? – Mindless Self Indulgence vs. JulienK & Chester Bennington
7. What Do They Know? – ProCon (Backstabber's Delight Mix)
8. What Do They Know? – The Perfects (Hollowboy Extended Pleasure Mix)
9. What Do They Know? – VNV Nation (Maelstrom Mix)
10. What Do They Know? – Kenny Muhammad, The Human Orchestra (The Final Word Mix)


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