Tone // Solidarity

Origin: WASHINGTON, Washington DC, USA
Genre: Experimental Rock // Post-Rock
Length: 53' 39"
Bitrate: ~196kbit VBR
Size: 84 Mb

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01. Confidence And Progress
02. Unwilling, The
03. Towers
04. Sketch
05. Evolution
06. MoonPony
07. Texas

Influences: godspeed!youblackemperor, Isis, Cult of Luna, Explosions in the Sky, Mono, Pelican, Sonna, Neurosis, Savage Republic, Sonic Youth, Slowdive

Sounds Like: explosions in the sky, mono, mogwai, isis, godspeed!youblackemperor

Band Members:
Andy Myers-percussion,
Gregg Hudson-percussion,
Doug Wandell-guitar,
Norm Veenstra-guitar,
Jim Williamson-guitar,
Steve Willett-guitar,
Geordie Grindle-guitar,
Shaun Wright-bass


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